We coach individuals and groups to accomplish more by focusing on less.

The Coach Approach

How do you define success – in relationships, at work, in life? What goals do you set for yourself? More importantly, how many goals do you set for yourself at any given time? Goals give us a starting point and promote action toward desired results – but this only works when deliberately prioritized, with mindful action. In today’s knowledge-based economy, common thinking suggests the more we do the more we accomplish. I believe the opposite to be true; less is more. The fewer our priorities, the greater our focus and success.

True transformation begins with personal search and a willingness to relinquish our strongest held beliefs that hinder our progress. These are usually unbeknownst to us until we embark on an Intrinsic Discovery to uncover our default way of thinking and acting.

As your coach, I partner with you through inquiry and reflection to reframe your beliefs and find new possibilities in your personal and professional life, because “how we do anything is how we do everything.”

Sound Familiar?

Do you find yourself constantly oscillating multiple priorities? Are you so caught in the wave of “doing” that you sometimes forget what compelled you to start in the first place? Can you openly challenge your own perspectives? Do you have a good sense of humor?


What does coaching look like?

The Coach

Coaching is a partnership based in trust. It’s about questions, not answers; those are intrinsic, awaiting to come to the surface, which we explore together. What you could expect from me:

Genuine curiosity: I promise to ask questions you wish I didn’t, but need to answer to move forward.

Respecftully brutal honesty: I will bring to the surface any beliefs or patterns that seem to be holding you back; you can disagree, of course, and we will continue our exploration.
1:1 video conference sessions at your preferred pace (bi-monthly tends to be common).
Mindful access to me via phone/text and email in between sessions.
Supportive resources – books, podcasts, other coaches/service professional referrals, etc., as appropriate.
Interactive and insightful engagement that will aim to reach your goals; one at a time.

The Client

Change is inevitable. Knowing where to begin, building new habits and learning how to hold ourselves accountable often requires support. What I would expect of you:

Genuine curiosity: be open to challenging your beliefs & perspectives; that’s where growth comes from!
Vulnerability: be willing to embrace uncertainty so any outcome is possible, i.e. a blank slate.
Honesty: share all relevant information.
Responsibility for your own growth and learning.
Commitment to action between sessions and ownership/exploration of inaction.
A good sense of humor: because humor is key to any success (and inevitable failures along the way)!

Ready to make a change?







What Our Clients Say

“Aneeta helped me to see things from another perspective. During our work together, I was able to organize and communicate my thoughts with much more clarity than before and her guidance led me to find answers I was looking for. I also found the courage and motivation to take some important steps in my life and business. I’m so grateful for having Aneeta as my coach and I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for clarity, awareness and inspired action.”

Helena Miceli
life design mentor

“I was excited to work with Aneeta but was unsure of exactly what I wanted to work on. Within a few sessions I was able to gain clarity on my aspirations and priorities as I contemplated a career transition after spending decades in the same space. The coaching I received from Aneeta enabled me to further reflect on my values and how I wanted to leverage them to design a more desirable future for myself. What may seem simple at first glance oen requires much deeper reflection and working with Aneeta provided that valuable opportunity for me.”

Shaheen Kassim-Lakha
director @ Hilton foundation

“I loved coaching with Aneeta! I felt our sessions were invaluable and truly helped me experience body-awaremess and my experience of life more mindfully and intentionally. The things we discussed were empowering and continue to pour into my daily life practice.”

Chelise Baird
yoga instructor

Although seemingly counter-intuitive, we must do less to accomplish more.

Aneeta Muradali

I am a trained Human Resources leader with extensive experience coaching emerging professionals to seasoned executives in effective communication, mindful leadership, career transition and personal and professional development. I am a Chicago native and currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, two energetic boys and spirited dog, Rey. I enjoy running, traveling and spending quality time with my friends and family. I have been cultivating my mindfulness practice for many years and aim to embody it in all domains of my life, including coaching. 😉